Walkshop 17

“crossing walls”

may 4th, 2019
LED BY Astrid Kaemmerling

This audio-walk was conceptualized specifically for "The Body Electric," an exhibition curated by re.riddle developed in collaboration with 41 Ross Alley and The Chinese Culture Center of San Francisco for their series Present Tense 2019: Task of Remembrance, which broght together projects that reflect on the complexities, gravity, and responsibility of remembering. 

The Body Electric is a group exhibition that interprets the task of remembrance by spotlighting the corporeality of memory. The exhibition aims to examine the ways in which the human body functions as vessels for memory—and specifically, how memory impacts the flesh. The Body Electric examines the potency of memory embodied in gestures and habits in relation to 'indirect' modes of memory via inscribing, recording or documenting. Corporeal memory may be characterized as being an embodied memory and/or an embodied remembering. Embodied remembering situates memory as being intrinsic to the body, because it re-enacts the past, it need not represent it. As such, the exhibition will consider motion, action, activity, and gesture of memory as it pertains to flesh and surface of the body. The exhibition is on view from April 17 - May 19, 2019 and is free and open to the public. A big thank you to curator Candace Huey for including this audio-walk. 

Drawing on the history of the fall of the Berlin Wall, a barrier which divided East and West Germany from 1961-1989, collected stories from witnesses provided guidance as we navigated imaginary and real walls in San Francisco’s Chinatown. Practicing psychogeography, Astrid Kaemmerling’sart practice is the exploration of selected spatial experiences. Her work unites place memories of the past with an exploration of specific neighborhoods and selected urban places. Exploring space via the practice of walking is an important aspect of Kaemmerling’s approach. 

Astrid Kaemmerling's Crossing Walls, is a guided audio-walk presented as part of the programming for The Body Electric. Crossing Walls is limited to 15 participants only.


  • Location: 41 Ross, 41 Ross Alley between Jackson and Washington Streets

  • Start Time: 2pm

  • Duration: approx. 2 hours

  • Equipment: Journal, notebook, camera or related recording devices

Photography by Jennifer Wong