Walkshop 15

“hidden waters”

March 9th, 2019
LED BY Carey Lin & Gabriel Gilder

Explore the western Sunset and Parkside neighborhoods with Stairwell’s on a walk to visit hidden bodies of water, both natural and manmade. Discover various oases in a part of San Francisco that used to primarily consist of sand dunes. During this walk we’ll consider our shared connection to this invisible and crucial resource—one that we often take for granted. This participatory excursion features site-responsive activities that use signals, scents and sounds to prompt new experiences of our everyday environment. By highlighting what is sometimes out of view, we can reveal shadows of the past. This walk will be capped off with an optional visit to a local watering hole where refreshments are available for purchase.

Founded in 2011, Stairwell’s is a collaborative social practice project currently led by artists Carey Lin and Gabriel Gilder. Through temporary exhibitions, group walking tours, publications and more, Stairwell’s facilitates interactive experiences that provide new opportunities to engage with the everyday.  To date, Stairwell’s has produced 8 exhibitions with 14 artists in 6 different stairwells, led over 20 unique Field Trips with 13 Guest Field Trip leaders, created 8 publications with content from 14 writers, and attended artist residencies in 3 states.


  • Location: Taraval and 24th Ave., San Francisco,  CA

  • Start Time: 2pm

  • Duration: approx. 3 hours

  • Equipment: Journal, notebook, camera or related recording devices

Photography by Susanne Huth