California Walkscapes, October 5th - November 4th, 2018

When we walk our bodies get exposed to innumerous stimuli. Supported by our senses, we enter a field that requires us to constantly adapt to the changing environment and generate meaning that allows us to create knowledge needed to continue traversing streets, alleys, roads, and other passageways opening up in front of us. Whether in a city or rural landscape, through the act of walking, the physical, topographical and socio cultural layout of the environment we live in is understood experientially. Inspired by Francesco Careri’s publication Walkscapes this exhibit asks what information can we unearth about the California landscape through the act of  walking? California Walkscapes showcase artists from all genres who respond to walking from a number of different perspectives – for example, considering walking in the context of the body, urbanity, place and migration. California Walkscapes is a mixed-media exhibition encompassing the genres of visual, performance, video, installation, and sound art and includes several walkshops are integrated into the programming throughout the duration of the exhibition. All walkshops took place in cooperation with The Walk Discourse. 

Artists: Liat Berdugo, Mary Campbell, Gina Chiao, Rebekah Dean, Leeza Doreian, Laura Elayne, Gabriel Gilder, Olga Evanusa-Rowland, Emily Gui, Susanne Huth, Carey Lin, Erica Molesworth, Kelley O’Leary, Daniel Southard, Chris Thorson, Kevin Welch, Michal Wisniowski and Minoosh Zomorrodinia

Curated by Astrid Kaemmerling 

Made possible with the support of Shirin Makaremi, Incline Gallery. Incline Gallery is an alternative art space that fosters relationships between community and artists.  The gallery is located on 766 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA.  

Photography by Susanne Huth