A Public Space Laboratory

We unite Walking, Art & Civic discoursE


The Walk Discourse

The Walk Discourse is a social practice art project, educational platform and research laboratory that provides room for exchanges about public space. Founded in San Francisco, CA and currently based in New Orleans, LA, our program sets out to playfully and critically engage participants to study the urban and rural fabric. At the core of the community is the belief that we have to invest in our neighborhoods through playful and experimental art-based research processes that can lead to a change in perception and allow for the creation of a sense of place and thus enhance community building processes. We are dedicated to helping people understand the environment they live in to support strong community building processes. We connect people, ideas, resources, expertise, and partners who see place as the key to addressing challenges of the 21st century through walking & art, such as:

  • Social-Just Urban Development

  • Climate Change

  • Power Distribution & Diversity

  • Migration & Personal Histories

  • Human Interaction & Play

  • Sustainability & Resilience

  • Ecology & Nature

Ways to engage with us:

  • Walkshops

  • Walking Art Performances

  • Lectures, Courses & Seminars

  • Exhibitions

  • Practitioner Training and Professional Development

  • Community Development Consulting

What’s On Now & What’s Up Next

We are currently in the midst of planning Season #3 of The Walk Discourse which will be held in New Orleans from September 2019 - April 2020. We are thrilled to announce that we will be contributing to an exhibition at Root Division in San Francisco, CA in November 2019 and we are shortly starting to conduct interviews with former walking artists which will plan to add to our archive towards the end of the year.

Relive Past Journeys

Season #1 (2017-18) and Season #2 (2018-19) which both took place in San Francisco/The Bay Area consisted of more than 17 Walkshops with artists such as Anni Albagli, Liz Harvey, Walking Public, Daniel Southard, Laura Elayne Miller, Hughen/Starkweather and many more. If you are curious to learn more about past Walkshops, Exhibitions and Events we encourage you to explore the archive.